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Kvemo Kartli

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The workshop owned by the master is located in the village Khaishi, Tetritskaro Municipality.
She was always flicking through some old photos, mainly dated from the 19th century, and was always excited about the sophistication of the traditional costume and magnificent embroidery on them. As the master said she always felt, that there were special links between her and in those old examples of embroidery items. At first, that was her hobby, and then she started sewing and embroidered for herself, but step by step she developed her product and some of her friends and customers ordered her different types of items.
She creates modern cloths with old ornaments from medieval times of Georgian Art, and also some accessories such as bracelets, belts, bookmarks, bags, wallets and etc. “My favorite material is suede and embroidering on it, is very elegant. Georgian ornaments give me inspiration, how the shape of the bag should be, what colors to use and etc.”- said the master.
She participated in our project which was aimed to enhance Artisans/Crafts maker’s business skills in Kvemo Kartli region, funded by USAID Zrda activity in Georgia. The works of the master you can buy in our shop “Ethnodesign”.

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