Ceramic Studio 1300

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Ceramic Studio 1300 was founded in 2015 by ceramic artists Irina Jibuti and Taso Gomelauri. Since then, the workshop has been ever-evolving and continues to impress with its unique, sophisticated works that include both functional and decorative items. "We are working with any ceramic materials: clay, grog (also known as chamotte), porcelain, etc. Generally, although ceramics offer endless possibilities and are very pleasant to work with, they still require a lot of work and patience.” - says Irina Jibuti. Despite the difficulty of the work process, as the master notes, clay and special ceramic paints give them great opportunities for experimentation, which is evident when viewing their works; Plain and sculptural, harmonious and dynamic, old and modern elements coexist here. This, in turn, makes the creations of Ceramic Studio 1300 diverse and unique. The workshop has existed for 9 years. Under the leadership of Irina Jibuti and Taso Gomelauri, it is constantly in search of new things and continues to develop.