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On May 25, the first meeting was held within the framework of The USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program - "Engagement of private sector and integration of sectoral knowledge for enhanced quality of vocational education in the artisan sector in Georgia" - to develop the charter of the new sectoral skills organization "Artisan Duo". The meeting was attended by the founders of the sectoral organization: Georgian Craft Association, Georgian Woodworkers and Furniture Manufacturers Association - Mamuka Khoshtaria, Abkhazia Woodworkers and Wooden Furniture Manufacturers Association - Akaki Gurgenidze, ICOMOS Georgia, Georgian Furniture Cluster
At the meeting, were discussed the charter issues and the principles of development of the sectoral map.
The main goal of creating the duo is to improve professional education in the artisanal sector in Georgia. The artisanal sector includes such areas as wood, stone, glass, metal, textiles (weaving, embroidery, felting, etc.), artistic processing of leather, carpentry, ceramics, enamel, jewelry, restoration-conservation crafts, and others.


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